Thursday, March 31, 2011

Comme des Garçons

I stumbled upon the German edition 032c on my mums birthday this year, I couldnt afford the $35 price tag, but I intuitively felt that altho the edition and I were meeting for the first time that it was going to be a meal, so I sacraficed. This was the cherry on the cake in confirming to me thatn when you sacrafice one thing you are immediately rewarded with another, sometimes without even realising it. Bless 032c because they have introduced me to some of the most unique and out of this world, before their time designers of today. They have the DNA to impact this world in a way that Coco Chanel did in hers.

Allow me to proudly introduce you to Rei Kawakubo, the creator of Comme des Garçons. Rei, born in 1942 in Tokyo started her label in 1969. It has been said that every important designer of our time admits to being influenced by her. You might be wondering, as I did, "why have I not heard of her before?". Unfortunately, sometimes the most amazing people never see the general light of day because the general public, self included...sometimes, are all too busy being occupied with the "safe and comfortable" clothing. The t-shirts that will allow us to blend in enough to have our neighbour stamp us with approval. Eccentric woman like Rei live in another category. They commit to being themself and not subscribing to the approval of others. I think its this commitment that gives them such influence in the end.

Because Rei does not subsribe to the usual plain t-shirt, denim skirt with a seam on either side, look, when you first site her creations they may shock you, but its a good shock, like the first time you tasted good wine. So like the wine, allow your taste buds to appreciate its unique notes and accept it for the amazing art that it is, rather that labelling it- different= wrong.

Comme des Garçons is inspired by destroyed, distressed looks, mixing the feminine and masculine. the end peice is a result of Rei being inspired by how we as individuals try to represent ourselves.

To clarify the impact of Comme des Garçons further allow me to tell you that some of our biggest public icons like to wear her range, including; Kanye West, Usher, Mary-Kate Olsen, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloe Sevigney, to name a few.

Be inspired by her gift and change your style up the way she has.

All I can say is; ENJOY xx


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dr. Martins with a Wedding dress, Squares as Dresses and less Puffs

It has always been my understanding that ground breaking, world changing, fashion designers have always been ahead of their time. The names that come to mind immediately include; Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miakey and Rei Kawakubo. These 5 designers are my fashion icons in my realm. Not neccesarily because I always love everything they create, although I confess that I usually do, but because they were not scared to take what they loved and share it with a world that didn't realise that we needed them to style us. It is at this point that I would like to impress on you that although you may not purchase, wear or like these designers, at some point in your life you can be guaranteed that a peice of clothing you own, buy or wear has been or will inspired by one of these icons.

As a fashion student, I am forever faced with the challenge and desire to be ahead of my time. I am split between believing that some people are simply born in order to leave a mark on this world and that every individual has the opportunity to get what they want if they apply themself.

My first reccommendation as Fashion Blogger is that everyone look, at least once in their life at an 032c AFM edition ( and begin a subscription to Vogue ( These 2 magazines will change your life and provide you with insight into a world we all long to belong to.

Please remember that fashion is not about t-shirts, skirts and pants, its about putting something on your body that tells the world a story about you before you even open your mouth. It influences politics, religion, revolutions, sports, corporations, and lets be honest, entire nations (not necessarily for the good of all).

This first post will be dedicated to the current trend that has birthed itself from Fashion Runways the world over: COLOUR. I'd like to specifically mention Pradas Summer Collection. Fullof colours that even in your most depressed mood will make you smile and feel joy. Its wonderful to wear colour because it actually changes your mood and how people respond to you. I encourage, even if you can not afford a Prada ready to wear dress, skirt or shirt, to be inspired by this collection and purchase, bring out and put together something colourful all of your own.

Until next time